Thing 6 Accessibility

Another interesting Thing……

Thinking about gender on forms was something I had to do recently when designing a survey. After advice we opted for male/female/other. However, when we got the results I found myself wondering why we had asked for gender at all. We were not going to be targeting our response to the survey in terms of gender. We had included it because it seemed like the usual thing to do, along with asking about age. We are more interested in the results by age (a digital skill survey), and some of these results challenged our preconceptions about age and digital skills. In future I would not include a question about gender unless there was a good reason, and that the answers would help us to tailor something useful for the responders.

I am interested in the accessibility of web pages/websites. I used the WAVE tool to look at our organisation’s main website, and it flagged up a range of areas for improvement. I had assumed it would already have been screened for accessibility, but perhaps not.





Thing 5 Diversity

I have read through the articles suggested on diversity in relation to bitmojis and big data. (not all articles were available via the links btw Charlie). A very thought provoking topic, and one that would not have occurred to me without the prompting through 23 things. Living in a part of Scotland that is not particularly diverse ethnically, it is good to be reminded of how white, heterosexual is represented as the default everywhere globally and particularly online. I created a bitmoji recently because I am part of a group of digital champions in my workplace, and we are using bitmojis for our contact details, to add a fun digital element. It had not occurred to me that these could be anything other than a fun thing, but I now realise the socio political undertones, and how people could feel that a lack of diversity in bitmojis can represent a lack of understanding of diversity in our society more generally.

I was shocked by the video on big data, and how names associated with the black population in America, when googled suggest a criminal record could be attached to the person. This is institutional racism embedded in the internet, and search engine algorithms.

My Digital Footprint

Ok so today the task was to review my digital footprint by googling myself.

I was happy to see that any Sue Holland-Smith’s on Facebook were not me. I de-activated my account in August 2016 but was not convinced I wouldn’t show up, as I know it is there dormant waiting for me to log in again……

Had a read through my Twitter posts, pretty dull actually. I try to use it for work purposes only, and it looks like that! I think I need to revitalise it in some way. It is catch 22, I have so few followers I think ‘what’s the point?’, but that’s probably why I have so few followers!

My Linked -in profile looks ok. Photo needs updated, and I need to add some interesting details about current job, and edit some of the details from my older jobs. Who cares what I did 25 years ago!

I was also interested to see myself showing up in other places such as on the CLD Standards Council websites, and also in a 3rd sector newsletter.

Anyway, all in all, it could be worse. No horrors, but just a bit dull.


The Journey Begins

I am starting a blog today for the first time as part of  23ThingsEdUni course. Today seems like a good day to start as I’m stuck at home waiting out the end of the bad weather.

From the course I hope to become more confident and knowledgeable digitally. Right now I have very basic skills, get stuck frequently, and rely for help on younger colleagues and family. Here’s hoping that will change!

It feels quite exciting starting a blog, and I hope this will help me with my other course in service design too. So far its easier than I thought, although I can’t figure out how to add a tag yet……

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton